Alumni info guide


Registration can be made at Registration >

You need to register for the full use of the alumni site, as some contents, like e.g. picture galleries and alumni lists of the years are only accessible this way.

Your registration made on our former alumni site is not valid on this site; you have to renew that for the use of the new site. 


During registration the following data must be provided: 

Number of diploma/certificate: Please, make sure that the identification number is given correctly, as the system will judge your eligibility on the basis of this! The identification number can be found on the document proving your graduation (diploma or certificate), the format of this can be a code consisting of letters and a 2-3 digit number / the year of graduation – e.g.: KTK0001/2021).

The system, on the basis of the diploma number, will automatically come up with the name of the programme that you accomplished, and you will also see that in your own profile when logging in.

I you have more than one diploma or certificate number, you can provide them on the profile editing. Please, never register with a new e-mail address and new diploma number, as it is easier for both you and your classmates to remember one single profile. 

Email address: Please, make sure that you give an email address that you regularly use, as this is the address where the system will send you the notifications necessary for the use! 

Family name: Please, provide the name written on your diploma/certificate, as the system will allow your registration and evaluate your user right on this ground, just like in the case of diploma number!

First name: Like in the case of family name, please, provide the name written on your diploma/certificate!

Gender: Please, provide your gender (male or female)! 

Date of birth: Please, provide your date of birth, as this will also be checked by the system, together with the diploma number and name, and will only allow registration in the possession of this.

Password: You will see that you do not need to enter a password during registration. First the system will automatically send you a confirmation email with your account information to the email address you provided during registration. Ater that you will be able to enter the page by clicking on the link in the email, where you will be able to enter a password in the "Edit Profile" view. You will need to enter your password and your email address each time you want log in to the page. 

Please, remember your login data, do not ever send them to anyone and do not share them with anyone, especially your password! Be careful with your personal data!

Should you have any problem during the registration, please, report the problem you encountered to us by filling out the form at the website Report an error >. After filling the form out and sending it, we are automatically informed by the system about the problem that we will remedy as fast as we can, and send you a feedback to the email address provided in the form. 



After a successful registration you can log in at the website Login > and so you will have access to hidden contents, also, you can search your ex-classmates at the page of the alumni name lists of the years. The details of this will be given later. 

When logging in you will have to give your email address and password provided at registration.

Should you forget your password, you need not worry, as the password can be reset at any time at the following page Reset your password >.

Please, make sure that you provide your e-mail address given during the registration or the system will treat you as a user unknown and will not send you the new password by email.



Please, always log out before leaving the page, protecting this way the personal data of yours and our graduate students! The button for logout can be found in the heading of the page, next to the button “Profile”. 


Editing of profile

You reach your profile by clicking on the button “Profile”, only after login.


Profile image

In the editor view of the profile you can upload a profile image so that your ex-classmates will identify you easier. Also, you can provide several addresses so as to make it easier for classmates and friends to keep in touch. 


Personal data

Gender: At gender you will see the option provided during the registration. 

Name (title, family name, first name, maiden name): Here will appear the title, second name and first name provided during registration.

Nickname: If you were known by your nickname during the university years, it is also worth filing out this box. 


Contact details

Address: When providing your address, after the selection of the country the address boxes typical of your country will appear. Please, give an address at which your former classmates or the administrators of the alumni site can reach you, if necessary. 

Telephone number: Here you can enter your mobile number or even your work phone number.

Online profiles: Your profile can contain several online profiles; you can provide them by clicking on the button ‘contact’. These may be

  • Skype username;
  • Link of LinkedIn profile 
  • Link of Facebook profile 
  • Link of Instagram profile, and
  • your own internet page.

We suggest that you provide these, so that members in your alumni community can get in touch with you easier and can follow your academic career.



Under the box ‘Studies’ you will see the programme name belonging to the number of diploma-/certificate you provided at registration, and the year in which you graduated. These data will be automatically provided by the system, with no possibility of individual editing.

If you acquired more than one certificate or diploma, you can provide them here by typing in the numbers on the certificates or diplomas. The exact name of the programme will be automatically provided by the system, so the relevant boxes will automatically be filled out. If additional qualifications are added, the site's admins will be automatically notified to approve the change. The name of the training will only appear on your profile after approval.

Should you see any incorrect data under the box ‘Studies’, please, contact us at the website Report an error >. The editing of these is the sole competency of the alumni site administrators.


Access and security

Email address: Under this box you will see the email address provided upon registration. You can change it later, if you have mistyped the email address or want to use another one.

Password: You can change your password after logging in your profile as well; of course this requires the provision of your current password. If you do not remember your current password but you are logged in your profile, it is worth resetting your password after logout at the site Reset your password >.



Language of the website: You can also provide the language of the website, indicating thereby to the alumni site administrators in which language you wish to use the site and receive the system information.

Signing up for newsletter: At the same place you will see a box where you can sign up for a newsletter, if you do not want to get information in the future about the news concerning the alma mater, what you have to do is remove the tick from the check box.


List of Alumni

The list of graduated alumni of the certain years can be seen by clicking on the button “Alumni list” in the heading of the page or can be directly accessed at

The alumni lists contain each ex-Pécsiközgáz student, among whom search is possible with the following filters: 

  • Name
  • Year of graduation
  • Name of programme finished
  • Level of training completed

If somebody has an active profile (i.e. is a registered user), his/her name will appear in the list in purple letter; in this case the name can be clicked as a link. Clinking on the name will get you to the profile of the respective person. 

Contents on the website

At the page we collected contents that we believe may be interesting for the graduate students.



At the menu item ‘Alumni’ you can read about the activities and responsibilities of the Pécsiközgáz Alumni Council.

The sub-item in the menu called ‘Our activity’ will inform you about the activity of our Marketing Office concerning the alumni.

The part named ‘Support the students!’ is meant to encourage our graduate students to support the present students, according to their capabilities and possibilities, so that the undergraduates can also have successful future careers.

The part called ‘Interviews’ contains stories of our graduates. If you wish to tell us your career story, we encourage you to contact us at the email address



Our services include:

  • information on the way and possibilities of the organisation of alumni reunions,
  • trainings relevant and interesting for our graduate students,
  • training fee and other discounts for our graduate students. 
  • also, we publish the latest job advertisements submitted by our graduate students and partners.

If you are looking for employees and would happily employ graduates of the Pécsiközgáz, please, send us the details of the position advertised through the website Publish a job advertisement >.


Media library

In media library we publish the pictures made at class reunions, in addition to the pictures made at graduation ceremonies.

We are grateful for any archived material (old photographs and scanned documents, interesting stories) that makes the alumni site and the everyday business of the alumni community more interesting. Please, send is such materials through the site Media archive >.



The page called ‘Contact’ contains the contact details of our alumni staff; please, do not hesitate to contact them at any of the details provided.


We hope that this brief guideline will help you in the use of the alumni site. Should you have any question or request, please, do not hesitate to contact us!

Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs

H-7622, Pécs Rákóczi út 80. I +36-72/501-599 I

Wishing you a pleasant browsing and reminiscence, your sincerely: Pécsiközgáz Marketing Office