Pécs Business School ALUMNI

The mission of our Alumni organisation is to maintain the communities formed during the university years also after graduation, and assist their members not only in keeping in touch but also in shaping the future. Not last, our goal is to create a supportive atmosphere that does not only help old graduates but also current students on their path to a successful career.

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We offer a wide range of discounts for graduates, like tuition fee discounts for our courses.

Postgraduate trainings

After finishing the Bachelor's Programme, we offer several postgraduate trainings and programmes to those who wish to deepen and extend their knowledge.

Placing job advertisements

We help you to find your potential employees from among our active and graduate students.

Organisation of class reunions

We give you help in the organisation of class and group reunion meetings.


Zoltán Pozsár

Credit Suisse

Many UPFBE graduates have had exciting and enviable careers. Here's the story of a man who went from the benches of Pécs to the top of the financial world in New York. How do you make such a career, what kind of career advice do you need, how much does luck count and what are university years really good for? We spoke to Zoltán Pozsár, Senior Analyst at Credit Suisse.

András Balatoni

National Bank of Hungary (MNB)
Head of the Economic Forecasting and Analysis Directorate

The Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs has a talented alumni line-up full..

Anna Varga-Csajkás

Singer of Rokokó Rosé

Music has always been part of my life

Anna Varga-Csajkás graduated at the economic analyst master..

Attila Próbáld

CEO, Partner

Pécsiközgáz was my springboard, supplied with super springs. I am always happy to lubricate them..

Petra S. Pápa

Founder of Nosalty

We had a conversation with Petra S. Pápa, founder of Nosalty, owner of ‘Eleven wine &tapas bar’ –..


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