Our activity

The world ‘alumni’ means old student(s). Now it is an expression used internationally, to designate students who are graduates of a specific school or institution.

In the activities of almost all higher education institutions, keeping in touch with the already graduated students of the institution now plays an important role. At Pécsiközgáz it is also of utmost importance to strengthen our relationships to our former students, in which our website is meant to be assistance for cooperation as close as possible between the Faculty and the Alumni. 


Pécsiközgáz Alumni is the total of the students of the institution, be they students completing the full range of programmes or only a part of them, exchange students, full-time or correspondence students – anyone who has ever enrolled at the Faculty of Business and Economics of UP. For this purpose, the Faculty of Business and Economics of UP started, besides voluntary data supply, to systematically register the data of its graduate students and making a database of these. By doing so it created the then loose frameworks of an Alumni organisation. The next important step was made in 2010 when, connected to the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Pécsiközgáz, the revitalisation and reinforcement of the Pécsiközgáz Alumni organisation, already exiting but not really actively operating, took place. In the related events of the Faculty a total of 900 Alumnis were registered, and then in 2011 we invited the graduate students of 7 years. The management of the Faculty sees it as a task of selected importance to keep in touch with the former students.

The construction and operation of Alumni systems and organisations is very important for all higher education institutions, for several reasons. Creation of a community attached to the mother institution may mean many things for the alma mater: relationships, enrolment base, professional cooperations and not last financial support, either personally or through companies. The Faculty uses several tools to build a community of their former students: it also means presence at social media platforms.

Joining the Alumni organisation of Pécsiközgáz allows former FBE students to create their personal and professional networks, to exchange and share information and to document joint experiences – both old ones, maybe from decades ago, and brand new ones. The goal of the Faculty is to offer a living relationship system, a broad information base and, even after graduation, useful services to the members of the community.