Anna Varga-Csajkás

Singer of Rokokó Rosé

Music has always been part of my life

Anna Varga-Csajkás graduated at the economic analyst master programme, now she is a doctoral student of the

Attila Próbáld

CEO, Partner

Pécsiközgáz was my springboard, supplied with super springs. I am always happy to lubricate them, whenever I can.

Petra S. Pápa

Founder of Nosalty

We had a conversation with Petra S. Pápa, founder of Nosalty, owner of ‘Eleven wine &tapas bar’ – about life philosophy, work, the beginnings and

Ákos Kassai


One should always have inspiring dreams, but the flexibility of these dreams is to a large extent part of a happy and balanced life.

Dénes Dibusz

football player

Dénes Dibusz is one of the best goalkeepers in Hungary, a member of the Hungarian national team and player of the club Ferencváros for the time being

Norbert Palanovics

Tokyo office of Pick Szeged
Head of office

The most important motivating factor in my work is that I enjoy it. Day after day I keep looking for new challenges and set the bar higher and higher

Tamás Hoffmann

Lafarge Cement Hungary
Managing Director

The result of our work is measured by numbers, which is quite an objective measure of success. What is more important than this, however, is to remain

Attila Szabadkai

Ma este színház (Theatre ‘Tonight’)

Success is when you create something that makes people’s lives better, or gives them pleasure.

Éva Sztojkovics

PSN Zrt.
sport organiser

The attitude that the university gave me is very important. One that spends a few years at this place will eventually see the world through different

Attila Déry

Otthon Centrum (Home Centre)
Leading analyst

Success is when one creates value, either in their profession or in human relationships.

Zsolt Weiszbart

IFS Hungary Ltd.
executive director

Success is the series of smaller or major events that give you further motivation, so that you experience your daily work and activity not as a burden