Dénes Dibusz

Dénes Dibusz
football player

Dénes Dibusz is one of the best goalkeepers in Hungary, a member of the Hungarian national team and player of the club Ferencváros for the time being.
He used to play in Pécs at the club PMFC, but what is less known about him is that not only he is a talented sportsman but also a graduate and bright economist. As the two combined is a huge achievement in itself, we asked him in the summer sunshine about the harmonisation of sports career and university life. 

You graduated at Pécsiközgáz. Why did you choose our institution back then?

It was very practical, as I was living in Pécs and playing football at the club PMFC, so I wanted to attend a university in Pécs. My father was an economist and I have had an affinity for STEM all my life, so the first option in my plans was Pécsiközgáz, where I had a successful application and which I finnaly completed.

How did you find the marketing specialisation? What was the basis of your decision?

Marketing specialisation was a mere chance, practically this seemed to be the most attractive at a first glance, and I have never regretted this decision since then.

How could you harmonise learning with a sport career?

Of course it took a lot of sacrifices, I missed the freshman week and quite a lot of faculty student parties on Wednesday nights. It happened that I had to commute between the football field and the university from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., but fortunately I was able to manage this situation, and so I could achieve at both arenas.

What are the most pleasant memories from your university years?

As I have just mentioned, during my university life I missed a few events which would probably make answering this question easier. Fortunately I was able to make relationships with classmates and fellow students from the same year that I have good memories of and that still last today.

What sort of student were you? Did you always arrive on time or were you less precise?

I cannot really remember a case when I was late, I was careful about this. There were classes from which I had to leave a bit earlier, so I think the minimum I could do was to be there on time at the start of the classes.

What are your plans for the future? Are you consciously preparing for the time after your sport career? How do you see yourself in 10 years?

I would like to do sport as long as my body and heath allow that, I hope it is another 8-10 years. I hope that during my career I make contacts that will be useful after my sport career and that will help me find a job in an area that is not far away from sport.

We wish Dénes a lot of success both in football and in his subsequent career. There is one thing that we are sure of: we will hear about him later!