Petra S. Pápa

Petra S. Pápa
Founder of Nosalty

We had a conversation with Petra S. Pápa, founder of Nosalty, owner of ‘Eleven wine &tapas bar’ – about life philosophy, work, the beginnings and plans.

What makes Pécsiközgáz a special place for you?

It may sound strange, but it was the Faculty of Business and Economics where I learnt how to learn. I was given a sound financial knowledge, comprehensive skills and a general attitude without which, I do believe, I would have (had) more difficulties in life. Pécsiközgáz was a determinant five-year period in my life. I would not be what I am now, if I had not completed it. Who knows where I would be now, had I chosen the Faculty of Law 18 years ago?

What is “the secret of success” for you?

Persistence, diligence, the want to do something, perfectionism and a tiny bit of luck.

What are the achievements that you are the proudest of in your career? How did you make them?; Eleven wine Tapas Bar. Two important stations in my life. A dream come true, in both cases. Persistence, hard work, perseverance.

What message would you send to your college student self?

Be yourself! Believe in you and your dreams! Fight for them! Do not feel down if you do not succeed for the first time! Learn from your mistakes! Do not care about what others think (as long as you believe in it, e.g. in an idea)! Enjoy freedom! See as much of the world and get to know as many cultures as you can!

Did you have any idea about which way to go, what to do to find your own way?

I DID NOT. I made/make most of decisions passionately, listening to my instincts. However, once I was/am in something, I did/do that with total perfectionism.

How did you think about your future at the time of your career orientation (at the age of 18-20)? What was most interesting for you?

I did not have the faintest idea of what I wanted to do as an “adult”. Listening to the advice of my parents, I hesitated between the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Business and Economics, and it proved to be an easy decision: I did not like history, so economics was the option. It means that my application to the faculty of economics was not conscious at all, but it proved to the right decision.