It is an experience of all of us that years spent at school have a deep impact on us. This is especially true for university years, as thee years are the initial steps of our own independent lives. We work using the knowledge that we get during our studies, acquaintances and friendships made at the Faculty will stay with us – maybe in the form of husband or wife. Remembering preparations, painful examinations and good lucks or huge fails, and reminiscing parties, common events and stories are recurring parts of class reunion parties.

We do hope that the qualification you received at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs, and also the knowledge and skills acquired during the programme have always been of use in your work since graduation, and also that you have pleasant memories of the experiences gathered here.
Joining the Alumni organisation of the Faculty of Business and Economics allows you to go on using services by the Faculty, enjoy possibilities offered by the membership, keep in touch with your former student fellows, teachers – and in general, with the Alma Mater. 

One of the tasks of our Marketing Office is to maintain and strengthen these contacts. Do not hesitate to contact us at the addresses given below!

Our contact details

University of Pécs, Faculty of Business and Economics
H-7622, Pécs, Rákóczi út 80.
Katalin ENDELI 
Leader of the Marketing Office
Phone: +36 72 / 501 599 / extension: 23291
Office: B315
Nóra Lilla LÁSZLÓ 
Marketing assistant of the Marketing Office
Phone: +36 72 / 501 599 / extension: 23317
Office: B315