Postgraduate trainings

Even after getting your diploma you need not abandon the continuous development and deepening of your knowledge. Having finished a bachelor programme, you can continue your studies at one of our master programmes, in the framework of both full-time and part-time trainings. Due to the flexibility of the Bologna system, you do not have to get stuck in one discipline; you can choose master training other than your original bachelor degree training!

Further information on our master programmes can be read at our website >

If you still wish to expand your knowledge, and research career is attractive for you, we recommend to you our doctoral trainings, as the Faculty of Business and Economics of UP is an academic workshop dedicated not only to the teaching of economics and training of economists but also to researches on and management of the processes in the economy.
Both of our doctoral schools are devoted to quality training and high class academic achievements, which are rigorously and consistently controlled in both the quality and organisation of training, and in the transparency and publicity of the process of getting the doctoral qualification.

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