Alumni council and foundation

Pécsiközgáz Alumni Council is the counselling and support body of the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs and the Pécsiközgáz Alumni Organisation. The mission of the Alumni Council is to create mutually advantageous cooperation of the Faculty of Business and Economics and its graduate students, contributing to the achievements and success of both parties’ goals.

Pécsiközgáz Alumni Council was created by the Faculty of Business and Economics of UP with the intention to participate, as much as possible, in the implementation of the following tasks with its available tools and relationship system:

  • to understand the operation, goals and needs of the Faculty,
  • to assists and thereby make more effective educational and research work at the Faculty,
  • to be active within the alumni community in the inclusion of ex-students, in the increase of their dedication and the propaganda of the alumni organisation,
  • to increase the number of visitors to event organised by the Faculty,
  • to mobilise, on its own decision, its free resources for the support of the Faculty and/or talented students and to encourage other alumni to do so,
  • to strengthen relationship systems among students, the Institution and the alumni,
  • to strengthen relationships within the alumni community,
  • to strengthen the good reputation of Pécsiközgáz.

The consulting competency of the Alumni Council also includes

  • the definition of the Faculty alumni development principles,
  • the approval of the report on the use of alumni supports,
  • the foundation and donation of Faculty alumni awards.

For membership in the Alumni Council, those ex-Pécsiközgáz students can be requested who have built exemplary careers, and who support the Faculty in some ways – with their activities, relationships, or financial donations.