Support our students!

Transfer of practical knowledge – professional assistance

Thank to the close cooperations, our partners are regular guests to our classes where they can present not only their personal stories and the company that they represent but also can inform students about topical market problems to be solved. Joint work and brainstorming are a wonderful opportunity for our partners to get to know the capabilities, knowledge, creativity, suitability and preparedness of the would-be economists – at more informal, personal encounters.



The goal of the Talent Spot and the Centre of Applied Learning operating at the Faculty is to assist the students of the Faculty in the recognition of their talent, and to support them in the development of this talent and in their professional careers; contributing thereby to the increased value of our students on the labour market. This activity requires the continuous feedbacks and active collaboration of the labour market actors.

We collect all those programmes and events where our students have an opportunity to get in direct touch with employers, and we are partners in the organisation and support of all such events. Events organised by us, of special importance are the so-called company weeks where companies are given an opportunity to present themselves, hold professional lectures and also to recruit their future labour force.

We are happy about any initiative by companies that allows our students to be better prepared for the world of work, and to spread the good reputation or our Faculty and University with their successful careers.

Financial support

We invite you to help us in the operation of a support system that prevents career decisions from depending on the financial situation of students in the first place. In the support of the fee-paying students admitted to the Faculty of Business and Economics of UP we rely on the collaboration of our business and institutional partners. Support of the students must be part of not only social responsibility but also of the responsibility towards the training of economists. We expect the assistance of our company partners in the form of company scholarships, trainee programmes, trainee placements and job opportunities.

The package of recommendations is to demonstrate as broad a range of support possibilities as possible. Of course we are open to individual needs and special ideas as well; we do our best to integrate these into the support forms within the possibilities allowed by the legal frameworks.

The Faculty wants to distribute supports financed by businesses and institutions – with the inclusion of the representative of the support organisation on request – among the students in the categories as follows: award of

•    support for tuition fee,
•    social benefits, or
•    special support specified individually by the company (e.g. for excellent studies or sport achievements, social activity etc.).

Placement and professional internship

We assist the creation of connections between our highly skilled students and the representatives of the business and institutional sector, by publishing the offers of our partners for placements and professional internships to our students through our own communication channels.

Our students studying business specialisations participate in a 12-week compulsory professional internship. Our Faculty allows its selected partners to take a look at the CVs of students applying for the internship places offered, and to invite students for interview. If the business organisation is satisfied with the performance of the student, a job may be offered to him or her.


We continue the classroom sponsorship programme started by our Faculty. It has been a habit for several years at the Faculty of Business and Economics of UP that business organisations intending to support our Faculty and looking for a regular presence at the Faculty become name sponsors of our classrooms. As a compensation for this the Faculty places the name and logo of the company sponsoring the classroom on the corridor, and features the name of the classroom in the timetable of students. Within the classroom the company can freely decide on the placement of decoration and equipment allowing the spread of promotional materials.